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Halvorson Trane Awards STEM Grants to Help Fund Energy Education in Iowa Schools

November 26, 2018

DES MOINES – NOVEMBER 26, 2018 – Halvorson Trane, a commercial HVAC and energy services company, has announced the award of three $500 grants to help fund energy education projects for Iowa Schools. Grants were awarded to the following schools for their exciting grant proposals focusing on energy education in the classroom:

Lynnville Sully High School, Sully, IA – Science Teacher, Angie Richards is excited to use their grant to purchase supplies for her classroom's renewable energy project. With this project, students will choose to build either model homes using solar panels or model wind turbines.

“I will be working with two other teachers on this project, the Agricultural Teacher and the Building and Trades Teacher,” commented Richards. “Together, we will create the blueprints for students to build model wind turbines or model homes. The goals of this project are to show students the importance of using renewable energy, the cost savings associated with different energy sources, and the impact we can make on the planet.”


Central Community School, Elkader, IA –  At Central Community Schools, the microscope bulbs in, Global Science Teacher, Ann Gritzner’s classroom are incompatible with their new classroom furniture. The heat emitted from the incandescent bulbs in their microscopes can cause their dry-erase surface tabletops to melt.

To address this issue and prevent heat damage to their new furniture, Gritzner will use the grant to put towards a “scoping” out efficient lighting project. With this project, the incandescent bulbs in multiple microscopes will be replaced with LED bulbs. To take the project a step further, the school plans to partner with the Clayton County Energy District to help students swap out bulbs in their homes.

“This entire project has been student driven, and these students believe in sustainable energy,” commented Gritzner. “During this project, students will run experiments with different types of lighting to determine the quality of lighting versus the energy cost, find the most affordable and practical solution of bulbs, and help install and determine the overall effectiveness of the new LED bulbs.”


North Fayette Middle School, Elgin, IA – 8th Grade Science Teacher, Carol Reierson, will use the grant to purchase supplies to put towards a wind energy project for her classroom. With this project, students will design and engineer model wind turbines to study wind energy and energy consumption.

“This project is a great hands-on learning opportunity for students,” commented Reierson. “As students build the model wind turbines, they will practice and refine the engineering and problem-solving processes, learn the impact wind energy has on the reduction of fossil fuels, and improve their understating of energy, as they compare different energy sources and how each impacts the world.”

“One of our main goals at Halvorson Trane is to conserve natural resources, and create safe, efficient, and comfortable building environments for our customers,” commented Halvorson Trane President Greg Grandgeorge.  “For nearly 30 years, we’ve worked with and helped several Iowa schools improve their building environments, while saving school districts money.  We are happy to contribute to energy education projects to help students understand the importance of conserving energy, and how they can be a part of the energy solution.”

If your school is interested in applying for a 2019 Halvorson Trane K-12 Energy Education Grant, please contact Halvorson Trane, 515-270-0004. 


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